Packmoor Primary Care Centre

“We had a really good relationship with the Prima 200 team. They were very good, answered all our questions and always attended the operational meetings. We continued to have meetings during the build period and they kept us updated with all that was going on.”

Packmoor Primary Care Centre Practice Manager, Fran Wilshaw

The residents of Packmoor were excited when the PCT decided to set up a brand new general practice in their village – so much so, 600 new patients registered within the first month of its opening. As the practice was operating from a temporary building, permanent accommodation was a necessity and Prima 200 helped to realise that vision, working with GPs and patients to create a bespoke centre for the whole community.

The design of the new single storey building is based on an L shaped plan – one wing being dedicated to clinical services and the other to administration. Reception is located where the two wings meet and is the one part of the building which is double height. This, along with the use of extensive glazing, gives the entrance and waiting areas a spacious feel. Red brick exteriors echo the local vernacular while a gull-wing roof at high level provides a distinctive modernist feature.

Building relationships is as important as bricks and mortar

As the details of the scheme were developed, the practice had a large involvement in the planning process, with importance placed on good communication. Keeping the community involved was equally important and the practice team formed a patient participation group to keep patients and residents informed of progress through the build. Local residents were also encouraged to take an active role in the interior design. The outcome is a primary care centre that the residents have taken to their hearts, with positive patient surveys clearly showing the community’s confident response to the new facility.
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  • Size: 820sqm

  • Completed: March 2006

  • Partners: NHS Stoke on Trent
"As one of the first LIFT projects in North Staffordshire everyone was breaking new ground to an extent but we couldn’t have asked for better clients. The staff were incredibly helpful, positive and supportive – really committed to producing the best result and to keeping the local residents involved as the scheme took shape."
Julian Kavanagh, Development Director, Prima 200