Audley Health Centre

“The health centre is one of the hubs of the community – it’s a big part of people’s lives here. Everyone’s delighted with it. The patients love it – they can’t quite believe it when they walk in… We struggled to offer extended services in the old building – now we’re able to provide them in the right settings. It’s what the patients in Audley deserve.”

Julie Stokes Manager of Audley Medical Practice

Welcoming, spacious and filled with natural light, Audley Health Centre provides an uplifting environment for patients and staff. Purpose-designed working areas have enabled an extended range of services to be provided, from community nursing, phlebotomy and physiotherapy to minor surgery and chronic disease management.

Having attracted an additional 7% of the registered population after only nine months of operation, the centre has improved local access to services and created an environment that patients love. Opening hours have been extended to improve patient access and services such as physiotherapy are able to offer a wider range of care because of the improvement in facilities and equipment.

Funding and development skills – the key to a successful new primary care facility

Providing a new home for a semi-rural teaching practice in a village conservation area was a tall order, especially with virtually no suitable building plots available. The ideal location was on the clinic’s existing site but the footprint of the proposed building was too large to allow phased construction alongside the old facility, which meant that interim accommodation for the practice would have to be provided elsewhere. Benefitting from Prima 200’s funding and development expertise, the solution came when the village cricket club released land for a new temporary surgery, allowing a new build on the practice’s existing site. This ensured an affordable premises solution that would deliver the purpose-built facility and space to house the practice’s expanding range of services.
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  • Size: 1sqm

  • Completed: February 2007

  • Partners: NHS North Staffordshire
"Being a member of the LIFT team in North Staffordshire has allowed us to build strong, long-term working relationships - not only with our immediate partners but with a wide range of other local public sector organisations such as the borough and county councils. This is extremely useful in, for example, finding swift solutions to planning or highways issues which often arise during the development process."
Julian Kavanagh, Development Director, Prima 200