Middleport Medical Centre

“Residents have been fighting so long for this health centre we must make sure it is a success. The building itself is fantastic and in an ideal place, smack in the heart of Middleport with easy access for people with disabilities.”

Local resident, Karen Broadhurst

Developed by Prima 200 LIFT Company on behalf of NHS Stoke on Trent, the state-of-the-art Middleport Medical Centre received funding under the Equitable Access in Primary Care (EAPC) scheme and now provides primary care services in the heart of the community it serves.

Prima 200’s work with NHS Stoke on Trent, local councillors, RENEW and North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership (NSRP) indicated significant need in Middleport and when the new centre opened, 350 patients registered in the first week, demonstrating the effectiveness of a partner with genuine local knowledge and a long term interest in the area.

Working with the PCT and local authority colleagues, Prima 200 ensured this £3m project met the exceedingly tight timeframes required for delivery of the scheme. Despite identifying an alternative site only two weeks after the original planning application had been approved – which the PCT, local people, politicians and healthcare planners all preferred – it took just under 12 months to deliver the scheme to financial close. Thirteen new jobs were created following the opening of the new surgery, including two GPs, a nurse, healthcare assistant and practice manager.

Caring for the community’s health and the environment

The designers of this BREEAM ‘Excellent’ building, One Creative Environments Ltd, led by Prima 200, ensured environmental issues were considered as highly as the wishes of the NHS and local residents when designing Middleport’s new primary care centre. Materials were selected on the basis of proven best environmental performance and energy efficiencies are made through items such as an eco-lift and use of natural building ventilation to prevent the need for air conditioning. Just some of the environmental considerations at Middleport Medical Centre include:
  • Naturally ventilated building, preventing the need for air conditioning energy use.
  • Air Source Heat Pump takes available heat from the atmosphere and uses it to heat internal areas.
  • Solar panels on roof provide the energy for a large amount of hot water heating.
  • Building Management System (BMS) is provided to monitor and control all energy use in the building and identify methods of reducing that energy use, with all technology items linked to this modern energy management system.
  • Energy Efficient Eco-Lift, including full stand-by mode when not in use, energy saving lighting and energy saving drive motor.
  • Water saving taps, WCs and showers; taps use infra-red time controlled sensors to prevent water wastage.
  • Water harvesting unit uses rainwater for use in non-potable needs such as WCs.
  • Recyclable waste separation and storage area has been included to maximise recycling of waste produced by the buildings everyday use.
  • 51% of the building’s high-grade aggregate used came from recycled waste aggregate sources to reduce mineral extraction and landfill / disposal.
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  • Size: 899sqm

  • Completed: December 2009

  • Partners: NHS Stoke on Trent, GPs, local councillors, RENEW, North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership (NSRP)
"We are proud of the new primary care facility in Middleport as it shows what can be achieved through effective public private partnership with the support of the local residents, who are delighted to have a new facility in the heart of their community."
Steve Sprackling, Development Director, Prima 200