Hartshill Medical Centre

“The team supported us throughout the process, helping us to progress the business case, finalise the plans and shape the design. It’s been great having their experience and advice at hand.”

Alison Challinor, Practice Manager, Hartshill Surgery

Serving more than 6,300 registered patients, the £2.6 million exemplar medical centre was a GP-led scheme which provides new and improved accommodation for Hartshill Surgery, tailored to meet staff and patient needs.

The new facility was part of NHS Stoke on Trent’s wider plans for the regeneration of the area and calls for expressions of interest from local GPs looking to improve their premises. Operating from a converted residential building with limited car parking and no room to expand, Hartshill Surgery submitted an application for developing a new purpose-built facility. With its case approved, the GPs were put in touch with Prima 200. By using the LIFT vehicle, they could remain in control of the design and development of the scheme, while benefitting from a pre-approved procurement route and the expertise of a specialist team.

Designed in consultation with staff, patients and the local community, the single storey building comprises an onsite pharmacy, multi-purpose room and GP training facilities, while allowing space for the practice to grow. Benefitting from larger treatment rooms, the new centre can also offer minor surgery procedures, helping to take pressure off the local hospital and provide support for neighbouring practices.

Delivering a GP-led scheme

Delivered within 12 months of financial close being reached, Hartshill Medical Centre demonstrates how the LIFT partnership can provide a simple and effective solution for GPs looking to develop affordable accommodation quickly and efficiently. Not only were the GPs able to utilise Prima 200’s approved supply chain, enabling them to avoid a lengthy tendering process but by using the LIFTCo, the Primary Care Trust made additional rent reimbursement available to the practice. With finance for the project in place from the outset, this gave greater certainty the development would go ahead. As the GPs lease the premises directly from Prima 200, they also have greater control of the future of the centre. This has provided them with the flexibility to expand their service provision and increase patient numbers should they wish.
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  • Size: 912sqm

  • Completed: November 2012

  • Partners: NHS Stoke on Trent, GPs from Hartshill Surgery
"Hartshill Medical Centre shows how LIFT has worked successfully in Stoke-on-Trent, providing a vehicle to get new community and health facilities off the ground. The model offers the best of both worlds, with finance and support from the PCT, whilst also enabling the GPs to develop a purpose built facility to suit their needs."
Ann Pursey, Prima 200